Shipment Service Contractors

To guarantee a rapid and smooth shipment of your order we work with the competent service contractor DHL.

Shipment Countries

Our products can be shipped to addresses in Germany as well as to addresses in countries named in the table below (with the exception of Switzerland – see further below for more information).

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges in Germany amount to 4,95€. Orders that exceed 50 € will be sent free of charge.

The delivery charges for other countries are as follows:

shipping country delivery costs
Austria 12,95 €
Belgium 12,95 €
Croatia 14,95 €
Czech Republic 18.95 €
Denmark 12,95 €
Estonia 18,95 €
Finland 14,95 €
France 11,95 €
Great Britain 11,95 €
Hungary 18,95 €
Ireland 14,95 €
Italy 14,95 €
Latvia 18,95 €
Lithuania 18,95 €
Luxembourg 12,95 €
Netherlands 12,95 €
Norway 14,95 € (excl. duty)
Poland 14,95 €
Portugal 14,95 €
Romania 18,95 €
Slovakia 18,95 €
Slovenia 18,95 €
Spain 14,95 €
Sweden 14,95 €
Switzerland*** see below***
United States of America 35,00 €

***A purchase of Carl Mertens products is possible using the services of Please register under Please note that a purchase on account is not possible. Customs duties are not included!

Delivery time

The delivery time in Germany amounts to 1-3 working days. If you used the payment option prepayment, your order will be sent after the incoming of the amount – please take into consideration the usual processing time at the bank.

Where is my order?

You can be informed about your order’s status at any time by logging into your customer’s account.

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