Knife Sets

Knife Sets

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  • CARL magnetic knife block including 4 parts knife set
  • save 49,60€
    FOREMAN magnetic knife block including 4-parts knife set
  • Save 79,50€
    METZ FINN magnetic knife block including 5 parts knife set
  • save 90,30€
    METZ FINN knife block Asia including 6-parts knife set
  • save 100,20€
    METZ FINN knife block Klassik including 7 parts knife set
  • Carl Aktionsset


    Regular Price: €209.70

    Special Price €179.90

  • Metz Finn Aktionsset


    Regular Price: €339.70

    Special Price €289.90

  • save 10,00 €
    CARL chopper set

    chopper set

  • TAGLIO utility knife
  • trans
    Our knive sets allow you to save in comparision to buying each knife one by one. They are also perfect for Carl Mertens beginners.
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