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Themenwelten Startseite

Carl Mertens Worlds of Sophistication:
Experience the Tradition and Modernity
of Solingen Craftsmanship

Carl Mertens – a name with a great tradition of Solingen blade manufacturing. With a very fine range of premium kitchen knives, the brand stays true to its roots – and has at the same time modernized the designs to fit the needs of contemporary cuisne. Carl Mertens is also more than knives and blades and offers additional products for other uses. With pans and pots, Carl Mertens adapts also the enjoyment of preparing and cooking fine meals. Different cups and storage containers can be used for stylish food presentation or secure storage. Lanterns and lighting objects create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. Enjoy also a fine lounge ambience with the bar, wine and cocktail items. But the joys of life with Carl Mertens products can also be experienced outside the house or apartment: useful and handy picnic and BBQ items for outdoor use bring the unmistakable stylishness of Carl Mertens to the gardens and parks.

Chef's Knives



Serve & Store

Bar & Wine

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