Knife finder

Knife finder

What would you like
to cut?

Which knife to use for which purpose? A reasonable question when there are so many knife types to choose from. Carl Mertens offers a range of knife to be used by pros and amateurs alike. Our knife finder will help you to find the proper knife for your purposes.


The FOREMAN herb knife is perfect to finely mince fresh herbs like parsley or chives: the herbs are cut up with by rocking the blade back and forth. If you prefer to chop the herbs, the perfect tools for this will be the Chinese chef’s knives.


The vegetable knives are very handy thanks to their short blade. For peeling vegetables, the curved blade of the peeling knives will be most useful. The vegetable choppers or the Chinese chef’s knives are best to finely chop vegetables. The santoku knife with scalloped edge can cut tomatoes without „sticking“.

Meat with bones

To cut through meat with bones, you will have to use heavy knives with a massive and sturdy blade. The excellent Carl Mertens cleavers are perfect for this task and will help you to easily chop the ingredients for a stock or a broth.


Different knives can be used to cut raw or cooked meat. The santokus and BBQ knives are handy to prepare fillets. To chop or mince the meat you will find the cleavers more useful. Cooked meat, for example BBQ steaks, can be cut with the steak knives.


The small, handy vegetable knives by Carl Mertens are perfect to cut fruit. For peeling apples or pears, the peeling knives will be the best. With the scalloped edge santoku knife you can cut fine fruit slices without „sticking“.


Thanks to their serrated blade, the Carl Mertens bread knives can easily cut slices off a loaf. To cut bread rolls for breakfast without any crumbs and then spreading butter on the bread slice, the Carl Mertens breakfast knife will be perfect.


Cheese requires knives with special properties. For soft cheese, you will prefer to use the cheese knife with holes in the blade, which avoids sticking. The parmesan knife can be used to break chunks off hard cheeses.


The santoku knives by Carl Mertens are best to cut fish. To fillet fish or cut it in very thin slices, the thin and pointed sashimi knife is the right tool. For slicing smoked salmon, Carl Mertens has developed a special set containing a board and a knife with long, thin blade.

How would you like
to cut?

Cutting can be done in various ways. Short blades, serrated blades, curved blades – all to be used for different purposes. With the right Carl Mertens knifes, nothing is impossible.


Remove meat or fish from the bones, then slicing it into thin pieces – for this task, the santoku knives by Carl Mertens are the right tools. Very precise cuts can be done with the sashimi knife. To fillet an entire smoked salmon, you can use the special Carl Mertens salmon knife.

Chopping coarsely

Dicing meat for a soup or chopping vegetables for a stew will be easy with the Carl Mertens cleavers, choppers and chef’s knives. Meat with bones should only be handled with the cleavers. Meat without bones or vegetables can very easily be cut with the Chinese chef’s knives.

Chopping finely

To finely chop onions, garlic etc. you should use the santoku knives or the CARL vegetable chopper. For herbs, Carl Mertens designed a special herb knife with a short, curved blade to be rocked back and forth.


The peeling knives have a slightly curved blade. This way, potatoes, apples, pears etc. can easily be peeled. Thanks to the sharpness and pointed form, the fruits can also be cored, then sliced into small pieces.


The "Buckelsmesser" or breakfast knife by Carl Mertens has excellent cutting properties, but also a broad blade with a rounded tip. After cutting a bread roll, the knife can also be used to spread butter, marmelade or cream cheese on it.


For slicing the sunday roast into individual pieces, it is best to use a knife with a long and pointed blade. The Carl Mertens chef’s knives are perfectly designed for this task. For cutting meat prepared on a BBQ, you can use the BBQ knives.

In which style would you like
to cut?

Europa and Asia are two world regions full of beauty, mysteries – and different cuisines. Knives are formed and used differently in each region. Carl Mertens designs knife collections which creates a symbiosis between the continents.


The Chinese chef’s knife corresponds to the European multi-purpose knife and is used to cut meat, fish and vegetables. The Japanese santoku knife has similar universal cutting properties. For particularly precise cuts, the sashimi knife – used in Japan for cutting fish into wafer-thin slices – is the perfect tool.


The European knife form has a pointed blade with a straight spine. Carl Mertens offers a variety of high-quality kitchen knives in a classical European form.
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